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To help you bring the 4Liters Challenge into your classroom, we’ve created a free curriculum that introduces themes of water, conservation, and human rights for ages 12-20.

The 4Liters Curriculum is flexible, multidisciplinary and aligns with new standards like the Common Core. It’s built on an innovative See, Judge, Act model to make learning more experiential.

Educators can use this website and curriculum to teach #4Liters any time. Have questions or need help getting started? Just contact us.


Experience is the best teacher. Like the 4Liters Challenge, the 4Liters Curriculum encourages young people to consider global water challenges in the context of their own lives.

Lessons are divided into three sections - See, Judge and Act - which help the student explore everyday situations of water poverty and plan specific actions to create change.



What exactly is happening? Why is it happening? What effect is it having on people’s lives?



What shoud be happening? How does this problem effect you? What do you think about all of this?



What needs to change? How can you help make this change a reality? Who can you get involved?

For the things we have to learn before doing them, we learn by doing them. - Aristotle

The ”Act” portion of the curriculum challenges students to live what they’ve learned - primarily by taking the 4Liters Challenge. Acting on knowledge helps students process new information, connect with issues, and invest more of themselves in the learning process.

The 4Liters Curriculum takes advantage of, a place where educators and students can track their experience of water poverty in real time. The ability to group users and track their progress helps facilitate learning that extends beyond the classroom.

Campaigns that raise funds take the lesson a step further - by creating lasting change for communities in real need.